The Study

The European Commission has issued a Request for Services in the context of the multiple Framework Service Contract ENV.F.1/FRA/2010/0044 for economic analysis of environmental policies and of sustainable development.

The partner companies Ecorys, Alterra, ACTeon and the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) are participating in this Framework Service Contract. The Directorate-General for Environment has invited the consortium to submit a tender for an assignment called “Study supporting the revision of the EU Drinking Water Directive”. KWR has been asked to join the consortium, to provide expert knowledge on water quality and health effects. We present a more extensive description of the consortium and of its key strengths in section 1.2.

The consortium partners have brought together a strong and enthusiastic team. Within the team complementary expertise is present, combining thorough knowledge, on EU water policy and health issues in relation to drinking water, and skills such as evaluation, modelling and impact assessment.

As the different tasks within the project are strongly interrelated, but also require the different types of expertise within the consortium, we guarantee a strong management and coordination of the project. Within our consortium, Ecorys will take the lead in this assignment and is proposing a Team Leader with strong management skills. Ecorys will also be responsible for Quality Assurance of all parts of the project.

Background of the study

The current Drinking Water Directive (DWD) 98/83/EC ensures that water intended for human consumption can be consumed safely on a life-long basis, and this represents a high level of health protection. The main pillars of the policy are to:

  • Ensure that drinking water quality is controlled through standards based on the latest scientific evidence;
  • Secure an efficient and effective monitoring, assessment and enforcement of drinking water quality;
  • Provide the consumers with adequate, timely and appropriately information;
  • Contribute to the broader EU water and health policy.

The current DWD 98/83/EC was adopted by the Member States after a long negotiation process and replaced the previous Directive 80/778/EEC. The Directive was subsequently transposed into national legislation and implemented by the responsible authorities in the respective Member States; and at a later stage by the new Member States upon their entry into the European Union. With the adoption of the current Directive the obligation to review the Directive was also adopted. Embedded in the DWD is the need to assess a possible review of the Annexes I, II and III at least every five years (art 11).

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