The task leaders

Management of the study and overall approach: core team

A core team of multi-lingual and multi-skilled researchers with substantive evaluation expertise, experience with the DWD, drinking water policy, as well as extensive experience in data-collection and analyses and in report writing at national and international level will be responsible for this assignment.

Erik Klaassens (Ecorys), Team Leader and leader of Task 3 and 7
Erik is senior environmental and water expert for Ecorys in the Netherlands, with over 25 years of consultancy experience in these fields. Erik has been involved in both evaluations and impact assessments for the European Commission. He will be the main contact person for the client. He will be supported by the core team. The Team Leader will have overall responsibility for the assignment and its implementation. His input will be crucial during the initial set-up of the project as well as during the final delivery of the study outputs. He will provide backstopping support and overall guidance to the Team and ensure that deadlines are adhered to. The Team Leader will ensure that the various assignments progress according to agreed plans; that they are completed in due time, and that the deliverables produced are in line with the agreed terms. The Team Leader will be responsible for good communication and coordination between the various team experts, as well as the day-to-day management.

Erik has recently worked on a study for DG ENV which was to feed in to the European Commission’s forthcoming Communication on Sustainable Buildings and its Impact Assessment, for three years he managed a FWC on Air Pollution for DG ENV in which several evaluations took place, and he was lead consultant to produce an Impact Assessment study which looked into possible options for revising Recommendation 2001/331/EC providing for minimum criteria for environmental inspections (EU 27). His most recent involvement in water related issues was a study for the European Parliament on the current state of Europe’s fresh waters and the challenges ahead.

Irena Vladimirova (Ecorys), Task 1 Leader
Irena has a PhD degree in water pollution management and master in irrigation and drainage engineering. She has a broad understanding of a wide range of environmental management issues including pollution control, environmental impact assessment, water related legislation and policy, decision support systems. She has good knowledge on EU and national environmental policy as well as experience with EU Structural funds and pre-accession programmes – Phare, ISPA, SAPARD, IPA. She has worked as a researcher in the field of water management and participated in various projects related to environment protection. She has experience with GIS modelling for environmental protection purposes, environmental assessment, indicators, reporting and decision support systems. She has more than 9 years experience as evaluator of EU pre-accession and structural funds programmes, including evaluation of environment sector policies and projects in Bulgaria and at Western Balkans.

Wim de Vries (Alterra), Task 2 Leader
Wim is a principal research scientist at Alterra, part of Wageningen University and Research Centre, in the field of soil chemistry with special reference to soil acidification, nutrient cycling, greenhouse gas emissions and heavy metal pollution. He has extensive expertise on the interaction soil, air and water quality and is mainly involved in model assessment studies that are performed at local, regional, national, European and global scale. Wim de Vries is also special professor at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group of Wageningen University where he holds the chair “Integrated nitrogen impact modelling”.

Adriana Hullsman (KWR), Task 4 Leader
Adriana Hulsmann is an Environmental Engineer (MSc) specialised in drinking water supply and EU water legislation. As such, she has extensive experience with water quality studies and water quantity studies, as well as with design and operation of treatment plants for the production of potable water. Mrs Hulsmann is an expert on national and international standards for the Quality of Water intended for human consumption. She has worked at university level, at water supply companies, at water research institutes an at private consulting companies. She worked in various counties, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Romania, United Kingdom and Belgium. She has obtained a Ph. D. in Mathematics and Sciences from the University of Amsterdam.

Olga Mashkina (ACTeon), Task 5 Leader
Olga has a solid experience in conducting analysis, economic impact assessment, and capacity building for water management. She is an expert on economic impact assessments in general and economic evaluation of environmental policies in particular. Furthermore Miss. Mashkina is  experienced in environmental economics, forest and water economy, impact assessment in climate change scenario’s and valuation of ecosystem services. Today, she is working on several studies for, among others, DG ENV.

Pierre Strosser (ACTeon), Task 6 and 8 Leader
Pierre has a Ph.D. in economics applied to water resources (Wageningen University) and agriculture and environmental engineering degrees from Agro Paris and ENGREF (France). Head of ACTeon, Pierre has worked for 20 years in the field of integrated water resources management under a wide range of hydrological, institutional and socio-economic conditions (Europe, the Mediterranean Region Pakistan…). After more than 10 years of policy (economist at DG Environment in charge of water, agriculture and waste issues) and research (economics of irrigation management at IWMI in Pakistan and Cemagref in France), Pierre has created ACTeon, a research and consultancy based in France. His expertise ranges from environmental policy making, institutions, governance, the science-policy interface, financing and economics (including valuation of ecosystem goods and services). During the last 10 years, Pierre has been involved in many projects aimed at supporting the implementation of the WFD in more than 15 EU MS. And he has been involved in different EU projects dealing with the implementation of the WFD, water scarcity & drought, economic instruments for the environment, national accounts, the development of the EU Water Blue Print. In addition to water management & policy, Pierre is also involved in projects and research dealing with climate change and adaptation, the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, biodiversity, renewable energy… Pierre has also expertise in economic and integrated modelling, in particular focused on the quantitative management of water resources and the agriculture sector. Finally, Pierre has excellent facilitation skills, providing support to many stakeholder and multidisciplinary processes dealing with the management of natural resources in general and water
resources in particular.

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