Second DWD consultation

On the 8th of December the second review of the EU ’98DWD stakeholder consultation took place. In the morning session the outcome of the evaluation report wsa presented and discussed with stakeholders present. The EC informed stakeholders that comments on the draft final report will be taken into account until Monday 14-12, please send your comments to the general mail adres. Furthermore the morning session explained the baseline situation and what changes we expect/can expect up to 2050.

In the afternoon session the room was split up in 4 working groups. The working groups worked on further scoping/defining and/or adding new policy options for which the consultants will conduct an Impact Assessment. DG ENV and the Consortium would like to thank all contributions and comments received from stakeholders present, as their input assisted us in narrowing/defining the scope of policy options and/or added interesting options under the six themes.

In the comming weeks the report on the proceedings/outcomes of the day will be send to stakeholders present and published online. The Impact Assessment report is planned to be completed in May and stakeholders are welcome to contact us if they want an update/provide information.

Please find below the meeting minutes of the Impact Assessment consultation:

IA stakeholder consultation meeting report

For any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact us at the following email address: