Draft Evaluation report

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the draft final version of the Evaluation report is available on the Phase 1: Evaluation page (or link below) from 3 December onwards. We kindly invite stakeholders to read the report, conclusions and/or Executive Summary prior to the Impact Assessment stakeholder consultation. The report includes information on the process, methodology, used and availability of information sources, the evaluation findings and a chapter that provides the evaluation conclusion for all 18 evaluation questions. During the IA stakeholder consultation various policy options will be presented, that stem (mainly) from findings in this evaluation report.

Draft Final DWD Evaluation Report.

Note: The current findings in the report are not yet approved by the Commission and findings and conclusions do not reflect the official position of DG ENV.

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The Safe2Drink team

For any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact us at the following email address: safe2drink@ecorys.com