The European Commission requested the study team to evaluate the Drinking Water Directive and to assess its impact. The main objective of the Study is to support a possible revision of the EU drinking water policy and the current Drinking Water Directive[1].

The study consists of two main parts:

  1. An ex post evaluation of the Drinking Water Directive and drinking water policy to assess whether the legislation is fit for purpose and achieving its objectives (Tasks .1, 2 and 3)
  2. An ex ante impact assessment of future policy options for renewing the Drinking Water Directive (Tasks 5 and 6). In this assessment a baseline scenario will be developed against which different possible alternative policy scenarios will be assessed in terms of environmental, health, social and economic impacts. A dedicated task (Task 4) on scoping and testing Drinking Water Health Risks will inform the ex-ante impact assessment.

The partner companies Ecorys, Alterra, ACTeon and the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) have joined forces to conduct this study. In addition, KWR has joined the consortium, to provide expert knowledge on water quality and health effects. A more detailed description of the expertise of the various consortium partners is presented under section ‘The Team’.

The consortium partners have brought together a strong and enthusiastic team. Within the team complementary expertise is present, combining thorough knowledge, on EU water policy and health issues in relation to drinking water, and skills such as evaluation, modeling, stakeholder consultation and impact assessment.

Ecorys is the leading partner for this study and provides the team leader (Erik Klaassens) with strong management skills. Ecorys will also be responsible for Quality Assurance of all parts of the project.

[1] The Study was commissioned by the European Commission in the context of the Multiple Framework Service Contract ENV.F.1.FRA/2010/0044

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