List of all experts

A pool of experts will support the core team. The experts are presented in the table below.

  • Paul Römkens, Alterra
    Risk assessment studies, Water quality, Food safety
  • Hans Kros, Alterra
    Environmental studies, Soil, water, air quality, nutrient cycling, Agro-ecosystems analysis
  • Ruslan Zhechkov, REC
    Environmental policy, including water policy
  • Ellen Baltzar Mossop, REC
    Environmental financing
  • Jovanka Ignjatovic, Ecorys
    EU environmental acquis (WFD, FD and other water related directives)
  • Karel van Hussen, Ecorys
    Financial and economic analysis
  • Elvira Meurs, Ecorys
    Policy evaluation, Water policy
  • Jenny Verheijen, Ecorys
    Economic analysis (economic and environmental impacts)
  • Joachim Schellekens, Ecorys
    Economic analysis, Data management, Web editor
  • Olga Mashkina, ACTeon
    Environmental economy, Forest and water policy, Impact assessment of climate change adaptation scenario’s, Valuation of ecosystem services
  • Verena Mattheiss, ACTeon
    Ecology and environmental economy, Economics as support to water policy making (cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit analysis), Economic instruments for water resources management
  • Gloria De Paoli, ACTeon
    Environmental and water policy
  • Merijn Schriks, KWR
    Chemical water quality, Human health/toxicology
  • Thomas ter Laak, KWR
    Chemical water quality, Human health
  • Gertjan Medema, KWR
    Mirobiological water quality, Human health

The Quality Assurance manager, Marie-Jose Zondag, will be responsible for ensuring that outputs comply with the required standards and quality.

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