DWD Evaluation

Introduction to the study:
The DWD evaluation study, conducted by a consortium led by Ecorys, aims to support the Commission in the evaluation of the Drinking Water Directive, and fulfil the requirements by the regulatory fitness programme (REFIT) of the European Commission.  The evaluation will be conducted in line with the EC evaluation guidelines and evaluation standards, including the identification of provisions of the Directive which would benefit from a revision, and of those which are still fit for purpose. The final evaluation report will be the key deliverable of the evaluation process, presenting the critical judgements and answers to evaluation questions. The final evaluation report is accepted officially by the Commission in May 2016 and can be accessed (both main report and annexes) through the links below. The report includes, next to the Executive Summary, information on the process, methodology, used and availability of information sources, the evaluation findings and a chapter that provides the evaluation conclusion for all 18 evaluation questions.

Final DWD Evaluation Report.

Final DWD Evaluation Report-Annexes.

When interested in the evaluation process please have a look at the links below, which provide direct access to some background documents and input-/ouput regarding the first stakeholder consultation on the evaluation of the DWD.

Background information:
Agenda stakeholder consultation, 26th of May 2015;
DWD stakeholder meeting background information – preliminary results;
Appendix to DWD background information doc.

Drinking water directive stakeholder meeting – presentations and outcomes:
DWD stakeholder meeting presentation;
DW evaluation stakeholder conference – Minutes and Break Out Session.

If you have any questions or would like to comment/contribute please contact us through the safe2drink@ecorys.com mail.

For any comments, questions or suggestions, please contact us at the following email address: safe2drink@ecorys.com