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Ecorys presents EU DWD findings in Birmingham, 03-2018

Ecorys presented on the 8th of March, during an event hosted by AquaEnviro on aging infrastructure, findings of the analysis of responses of the Open Public Consultation on drinking water quality in Europe and the Drinking Water Directive. The presentation focussed specifically on UK findings, and additionally set out how the proposal for a revised Directive will affect utilities and consumers. Lastly, Ecorys presented the way forward (timeline, benefits and costs) and set the agenda for future need to discuss guiding principle on pricing of the sector. The presentation can be accessed through the following link: EU_DWD_Birmingham_2018.

For specific data, or information on other EU MS please contact Joachim Schellekens, or +31620649476

Final evaluation report available

The final evaluation report can be accessed on this portal and on CIRCABC. The report includes, next to an Executive Summary, information on the process, methodology, used and availability of information sources, the evaluation findings and a chapter that provides the evaluation conclusion for all 18 evaluation questions. A separate annex includes the evaluation matrix, information on changes in drinking water contamination and their causes, an analysis of outbreaks and incidents in drinking water in the EU, a comparison between EU legislation and legislation in other countries, a literature list, an interview list and overview of position papers, and background information on the parametric values in the DWD.

Presentations IA DWD

The below link provides access to all slides prepared for the stakeholder consultation regarding the Evaluation outcome/Impact Assessment of policy options of the EU Drinking Water Directive as held on the 8th of December 2015.

Presentation EU DWD, second stakeholder consultation.

Stakeholders who would like to provide input on the Impact Assessment policy options are invited to use the below evaluation form and send this to the general mailing adress.

Policy options evaluation form.

Second DWD consultation

On the 8th of December the second review of the EU ’98DWD stakeholder consultation took place. In the morning session the outcome of the evaluation report wsa presented and discussed with stakeholders present. The EC informed stakeholders that comments on the draft final report will be taken into account until Monday 14-12, please send your comments to the general mail adres. Furthermore the morning session explained the baseline situation and what changes we expect/can expect up to 2050.

In the afternoon session the room was split up in 4 working groups. The working groups worked on further scoping/defining and/or adding new policy options for which the consultants will conduct an Impact Assessment. DG ENV and the Consortium would like to thank all contributions and comments received from stakeholders present, as their input assisted us in narrowing/defining the scope of policy options and/or added interesting options under the six themes.

In the comming weeks the report on the proceedings/outcomes of the day will be send to stakeholders present and published online. The Impact Assessment report is planned to be completed in May and stakeholders are welcome to contact us if they want an update/provide information.

Please find below the meeting minutes of the Impact Assessment consultation:

IA stakeholder consultation meeting report

Draft Evaluation report

Dear all,

the draft final version of the Evaluation report is available on the Phase 1: Evaluation page (or link below) from 3 December onwards. We kindly invite stakeholders to read the report, conclusions and/or Executive Summary prior to the Impact Assessment stakeholder consultation. The report includes information on the process, methodology, used and availability of information sources, the evaluation findings and a chapter that provides the evaluation conclusion for all 18 evaluation questions. During the IA stakeholder consultation various policy options will be presented, that stem (mainly) from findings in this evaluation report.

Draft Final DWD Evaluation Report.

Note: The current findings in the report are not yet approved by the Commission and findings and conclusions do not reflect the official position of DG ENV.

Kind regards,
The Safe2Drink team